Alexander Ovchinnikov


Sasha Ovchinnikov, or Alexander Ovchinnikov, also known as AO, has many talents, the most important of which is his remarkable commitment.

There are artists who keep themselves in their ebony towers, and there are those who actualize their art here and now. Against this background, the artist Ovchinnikov works at the very heart of design-production. That, of course, entirely denies him isolation needed to sit and listen to his inner voice. Quite the opposite – he finds energy and new ideas in constant communication with different people taking part in the production process. Creating dozens of images every day in the insane production tempo, he also incubates something personal deep inside. Sometimes this personal thing gets several hours of more or less free time and comes to life. And then we, simple art amateurs, are allowed to see the new collection that Alexander Ivenovich demonstrates us.

It is understandable that artists need to make exhibitions and add notes to their CV. I think that every single day AO keeps creating his blogroll with images, make-up, pages, deignes, plans, clip arts and pictures. And this really is his unending exhibition.  But wait. Look at what is hanging on the walls. These are his stop-thoughts. He thinks fast, does fast. But still, stop. And the frame froze. That is how one should treat it.

Igor Malcev,
The journalist, the writer