Alexander Ovchinnikov
Alexander Ovchinnikov

Artist, graphic designer.

Born in 1960 in Moscow.

1986 – graduated from Moscow Academic Art School (faculty of art design).
1988 – a member of youth association of the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
1995 – a member of the International Union of Journalists.
1999 – a member of the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation.


Painter and renowned graphic designer. Born in 1960, lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
A graduate of the Moscow Academic Art School, member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation and the International Union of Journalists.
Started as a graphic artist and painter (oil, acrylic, mixed media authoring). The first exhibition was held in 1986 in the famous dissident exhibition hall at the Little Georgian Street in Moscow (in Soviet times it was one of the few places where one could see non-formal art).
Since the early 1990's, as a graphic designer, collaborated with renowned publishers and advertising agencies. Participated in the creation of many books and magazines, as the author of the layout and art director. Worked on the creation of new brands, their graphical environment, design, advertising campaigns, packaging, etc.
Concurrently engaged in art projects and participated in exhibitions. One of the first in Russia, in mid-1990 began to study digital art, experimenting with form and technology. Most recent works are a mixture of digital image processing and traditional techniques. Stylistically, gravitates toward abstract expressionism. Artworks have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Russia and abroad (Denmark, Germany, Italy, etc.). Many of them are in private collections in Russia, Denmark, Germany, France and Israel.

Participation in exhibitions

– «Object-1» (exhibition hall in Malaya Gruzinskaya st., Moscow).

– ХVII youth exhibition (the Manezh, Moscow);
– Autumn exhibition of MRUA (Kuznetsky Most, 11, Moscow).

– «Artists to the people» (Central House of Artist, Moscow);
– XVIII youth exhibition (the Manezh, Moscow);

– «Collage» (Profsouznaya 100, Moscow);
– Autumn exhibition of MRUA (Kuznetsky Most, 11, Moscow).

– «Meta» (Theatre of Oleg Tabakov, Moscow);
– STR (Kuznetsky Most, 11, Moscow);
– XIX youth exhibition (the Manezh, Moscow);
– «From Realism To Avantgarde» (Solntcevo, Moscow).

– International exhibition “Parallel 56 Project” (Central House of Artist, Moscow);
– International exhibition “Parallel 56 Project”  (Helligaandshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark);
– Exhibition in the gallery Ost i West (Copenhagen, Denmark);
– Exhibition in the gallery Gerby (Denmark).

– Exhibition in the gallery Galleriet i Farvergade (Copenhagen, Denmark).

– Lectured a course in graphical design (Skive, Denmark);
– Exhibition in the gallery Galleriet i Farvergade (Copenhagen, Denmark).

– International artists seminar (Skive, Denmark);
– Moscow artists exhibition (Aarhus, Denmark);

– Solo exhibition in the gallery “Russian Collection” (Moscow).

– Exhibition in the Gerby gallery (Denmark).

– Chianciano International Exhibition for Digital and Photographer Art, Museo d'Arte di Chianciano Terme (Italy);  
– Russian Art Week, International Exhibition & Competition of Contemporary Art (Moscow Artists House, Moscow);
– International Competition ArtPreview (gallery Kino, Moscow)*
– International Exhibition in the Marziart gallery (Hamburg, Germany);
– Solo exhibition "Russian Seasons. System Provocation" (gallery Kino, Moscow).

– International Exhibition "Yin-Yan", (Museum of Revolution, Moscow);
– International Exhibition "Little Treasures", TIA (Bologna, Italy);
– International Exhibition "Earth, Wind and Fire", Gallery Sigvardson, (Rodby, Denmark);
– "Made in Russia" project, Gallery Open Art Milano (Milano, Italy);
– PostRealism. Version 1.0, Black Dog gallery (Moscow). Watch video
– International Art-project "Geysers of Subconsciousness", (Plum Palm center, Moscow)
– Online competition Astract Exhibition, 1st and 2nd place (

– International Exhibition "QuadriART" (EAGL gallery, Berlin, Germany)
– International Exhibition "Surrealism Russian-Iberian in Madrid" (Galeria EMMA emoci?n&madrid, Madrid, Spain)
– 2nd ART CONTEST (Honorable Mentions)

– Online competition Astract Expressionism, 3nd place (
– International Art-project "Geysers of Subconsciousness", (D.E.V.E. Gallery, Red October, Moscow)
– New Hermitage-1 Gallery (Znamenka, 7, Moscow)

– Online competition Figurative, Photography & Digital Category (

- The exhibition "90 years of the Moscow Academic college mem. 1905", an exhibition hall MOSH on Begovaya ul., Moscow


The diploma of the union of artists of Russia «For the contribution to domestic culture». The finalist of international competition ArtPreview. Prize-winner of the annual award "LomonosovArt (LomArt) - for the intellectual achievements of modern art." Diploma and prize winner of Moscow International Festivals of Advertisment, Index-Design competitions; awarded with a grand prize and diplomas of the national “Golden Flea” competition, of the Expert Rating Agency and RTS. His works have been repeatedly published in periodicals, books and catalogues.

The artist’s works can be found in private collections in Russia, Denmark, Germany, France, Israel and other countries.

- Creation in the works of Alexander worlds, for all their fantasy, it appears, are in their usual boundaries surrounding of human universe. Perhaps these humanized border, in which the artist brings born digital world of abstraction and define his style?..
Dr. Andrei Tolstoy (Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow)

- Is it an abstract pastel in intense color? A Chagall-like dreamscape? This digital piece carries a range of art historical references in its harmonious color and striking composition. A complete and beautiful picture.
Eric Garner, juror (

- A nice mixture of Yves Tanguy and Glen Brown.  It’s something familiar, like a Barbie doll, but just a step away from being unrecognizable. Its success lies in the movement and color choices.
Jordan Bruns, juror (

- Alexander developed his dynamic paintings digitally. The colors run in formations that sometimes resembles the images of the cosmic telescope Hubble. In any case artworks seem to come from an alien world.
Marion Zimmermann, gallery Marziart, Gamburg, Germany

- Sasha Ovchinnikov person of many talents, chief among them - a terrific working capacity. There are artists who keep themselves in an ivory tower, but there are those who actualizes his art here and now, in the heart of the mainstream of contemporary art...
Igor Maltsev, a columnist for the publishing house "Kommersant"

- The obvious originality and relevance, expression of brutal and bullying coloring - like this can define the impression of the work of this bright representative of Russian Digital Art...
Elizabeth Popov, curator, gallerist