Alexander Ovchinnikov
Practices graphical design since 1991. He is the author of design artwork of various editorial projects:

magazines – “Medved” (1995-96, 2004-2009), “My Football” (1999-2000), “Vodka” (2000-2002), OPEN (2001-2011), “Drugoi” (2002-2004), One To One Magazine (2008-2009) and others;

newspapers – “Nasha Marka” (supplement to MK, 1994-1995), “Ti” (1998), “Literaturnaja gazeta” (1998), “Mir Vashemu Domu” of the trading house Mir (1999-2000), “Podmoskovnaja Zhizn” (2004-2006), “Novy Azovstalevets” (2007) and others;

books – “Caspian Pipeline Consortium”, anniversary album (1997), a series of albums for the agency “Sodis” (2001-2002), “Russia and Turkestan in photos by S. M. Proskudin-Gorsky” in two volumes (2005), “Money protection”, gift edition (2007), a series of books for the Publishing Group “Zakon” (2008), “Games of 2008. The taste of our victories” gift album (MTS, 2008) and others.

He is the author of logos of numerous popular brands: Gorbushka, Mr. Doors, Meathouse of Borodin, Rubin, SEC European and others.
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